Transfer Between Bank Accounts in Mountaineer Marketplace


These instructions show you how to transfer funds between a state and Research Corporation bank account.



  1. Access Mountaineer Marketplace.
  2. In the lower right corner of the Mountaineer Marketplace landing page, click Pay an Invoice or Transfer Funds and then Transfer Between Bank Accounts.
  3. Choose the Supplier from the list.
  4. Provide payment information.
    • Product Description: a description of the transfer request
    • Invoice Date: the date you are submitting the form
    • Good Recd Date: the date you are submitting the form
    • Amount: the total amount of the transfer
  5. To submit your form, choose Add Item and Close Form in the Available Actions region. It will become a shopping cart.
    1. To continue completing the Transfer Between Bank Accounts form but for a different transfer, in the Available Actions region in the upper right corner, choose Save to Cart and Add Another Item.
  6. After submitting, a shopping cart is created for this form. You may choose Assign Cart or Proceed to Checkout:
    1. Assign the Cart: This is a means of collaborating with another employee on a purchase before submitting the requisition for approvals.
      1. Identify a shipping address.
      2. Enter the account(s) that will pay for the purchase.
      3. Attach documentation.
      4. Click Submit Requisition or Assign Cart.
        1. Submit Requisition: Your shopping cart becomes a requisition and will automatically route for electronic approvals based on WVU compliance rules. A confirmation message will be displayed. You can view the routing path by clicking the requisition number in this message. The routing path is displayed in the panel on the right
        2. Assign Cart: forward the cart to an employee who can view the transaction, and then (depending on the employee's role) identify the account paying for the purchase, approve the transaction, or submit the requisition to the SBA.


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