Turnitin Access


Turnitin is a product that WVU faculty use to assess student papers for possible plagiarism. It works both within and outside of WVU eCampus in case a faculty member does not have an eCampus account or the course cannot be conducted within eCampus.

WVU eCampus Users:

Faculty: WVU eCampus users will not use a specific password for Turnitin. They will have automatic access after logging into WVU eCampus.

Students: Students will only have access to Turnitin in WVU eCampus if their instructor uses Turnitin for their class.

Note: Turnitin is only available to courses taught in the new eCampus, Blackboard Learn 9.1.

HSC Faculty and Students:

Turnitin is now integrated with SOLE for HSC faculty and HSC student use. Please contact the HSC Helpdesk at 304-293-3631 for assistance with Turnitin and passwords via SOLE.​

Non-eCampus Users (non-HSC faculty and students):

Turnitin stand alone accounts are for users who do not use eCampus. To receive an account,

  1. Contact the ITS Service Desk to request an account. If you do not have an Outlook account, you will need to provide your first and last name, departmental name, phone number, PO Box and the name of your Chair or Director.
  2. Once your request is processed, you will receive an email from Turnitin with login information. You'll need to go through the tutorials offered on the Turnitin site to create your class or classes and add students to each class.

Prior to receiving a stand-alone account, you will be required to answer the following questions:

  • I understand the Turnitin software program as provided by ITS is for use with current enrolled WVU students and not authorized for use with non-WVU students.
  • I understand the Turnitin software program as provided by ITS is for use only for student assignments meeting the eligibility requirements of question one above and not authorized for use to screen faculty papers.
  • I will read the usage policies posted on the Turnitin Privacy Center page prior to any submission of student papers.

Need to reset your password? All passwords for non-WVU eCampus accounts (stand-alone Turnitin accounts) are changed at turnitin.com. The ITS Service Desk has no way of changing or distributing these passwords for faculty or students.

Want more information?

  • For instructions on how to use Turnitin, go to the Turnitin training page.
  • For assistance with using Turnitin, submit a ticket to ITS.
  • To report Turnitin problems, go to the Turnitin Help Desk or contact Turnitin at 1-866-816-5046 ext. 241.



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