Collaborate Support

Note: Collaborate will no longer be available to faculty effective May 10, 2020. ITS recommends moving to Collaborate Ultra. Faculty should move any recordings from Collaborate to storage located outside of eCampus before May 10.


Blackboard Collaborate is a comprehensive web conferencing tool used to enhance collaboration.

Collaborate Best Practices:

  • Java is no longer necessary to run Collaborate in eCampus. You will be prompted to download the Collaborate Launcher, which is available for download on the same page from which the Collaborate session is being joined.
  • It is highly recommended that you use a wired connection with Ethernet cable when accessing Collaborate sessions. Wireless can fade in and out, prevent you from accessing certain features, and disconnect you from the session entirely.
  • Close all programs except eCampus before you attempt to access Collaborate. Other programs may enable things to run in the background that can interfere with Collaborate.
  • Make sure you have cookies enabled for your browser. This will ensure you stay logged into the Collaborate session for its duration. To learn how to enable cookies for your browser, view the Change Browser Settings to Allow All Cookies article.

How to access Collaborate session troubleshooting:

Students: Call or email your instructor about the Collaborate issues.

Instructors and Administrators:

  • Inside eCampus, enable Collaborate through the Tools menu in any content area.
  • Outside eCampus, submit a request using
  • Room Administrators accessing Collaborate outside of eCampus should use the link provided in the invitation email sent out following room creation.



  • 1-877-382-2293 North America, Toll Free
  • (0800) 051-7248 UK, Toll Free
  • (1800-64-4528) Ireland, Toll Free
  • 1 (800) 26-7338 Australia, Toll Free
  • 1 (606) 802-7933 International, Non Toll Free

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