How to Apply for Contractual Readmission

Note:  The Suspension Appeal and Contractual Readmission (CRP) Request service is open May 1, 2020 through June 1, 2020.


Prior to beginning your online application for contractual readmission, you are strongly encouraged to have all of the items below ready for submission. You can also download or print out the Contractual Readmission Application Checklist to help you keep track of your information.

Once you have your documents, information, and written responses ready, you can submit a Suspension Appeal and Contractual Readmission (CRP) Request. Please keep in mind you cannot save your submission – it must be completed once started (or all progress is lost).

Note: If your cumulative GPA cannot be raised to a 2.0 or higher by the end of the fall term, your appeal is likely to be denied.

What you'll need before you apply:


  • A  three-term academic plan: Provide a PDF of the three-term academic plan you created with your advisor in DegreeWorks. Learn how to save your academic plan as a PDF. This plan must be created with an advisor. Don't delay in scheduling an appointment.

  • Third-party documentation: Provide third-party documentation supporting your explanation (see essay responses below) of your prior poor academic performance. This can include a letter from a counselor, advisor, professor, medical professional, newspaper documentation, tutoring records, success coaching, or success workshops - any official document that can verify your circumstances. Third party documentation cannot come from family members.

Current academic information:

Use DegreeWorks and STAR to collect required information:

  • Assigned academic advisor: Log into and click the DegreeWorks button. Your advisor will be listed in the top block in the first column.
  • Current major
  • The college your current major is housed in: Log into and click the DegreeWorks button. Your College is listed in the top block in the second column.
  • The number of credits you have attempted
  • The number of credits you have earned
  • Completion rate: Divide your total number of earned credits by the total number of attempted credits.
  • Do you plan to switch your major from the one currently designated in DegreeWorks?
  • Do you currently have Financial Aid?

Case study responses:

View the case study and questions in the Contractual Readmission Application Checklist. Prepare responses for the case study questions using the information presented in the case study and the accompanying repayment chart.

Essay responses:

  • In 1-2 paragraphs, explain what extenuating circumstances and/or barriers prevented you from earning at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA.
  • In 1-2 paragraphs, explain what actions you have taken (or you will take) to remove or mediate those circumstances and/or barriers.
  • In 1-2 paragraphs, explain what it will take for you to return to academic good standing (cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher) by the end of the summer or fall term.



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