PO Change Order Form in Mountaineer Marketplace


These instructions show you how to complete the PO Change Order form to cancel an existing order or to change an existing account code, price, or quantity.



  1. Access Mountaineer Marketplace.

  2. In the lower right corner of the Mountaineer Marketplace landing page, click the icon for Order Goods or Services, then Non Catalog & Procurement Forms, then PO Change Order.

  3. Click Supplier Search to locate the supplier on the original purchase order

  4. Complete all bold fields.

    1. PO Number and PO Line Number: The PO number and line for the purchase order you want to change.
    2. Type of change: Select the reason from the list. "Other" may be chosen if the listed choices do not apply or if a combination of two or more of the other types is occurring.
    3. Product Description: A detailed description of the change being requested.
      1. If Change in Service Dates, enter the new dates. If Account Code Change, enter the dollar amount you are applying new account codes to and the new account.
      2. If Reduce or Increase Quantity/Price, enter the change in amount or dollar amount for the total increase or decrease.
      3. If Add New PO Line, enter the details.
      4. If Other, provide details of the change in the field below.
  5. Quantity: Enter the whole number quantity of what the new PO line should reflect. If not adding a line or updating the quantity, enter quantity as it is currently on the PO line.

  6. Unit Price: Enter the unit price of what the new PO line unit price should reflect. If not adding a line or updating the unit price, enter unit price as it is currently on the PO line.

  7. To submit your form, choose Add Item and Close Form in the Available Actions region. It will become a shopping cart.

  8. After submitting, a shopping cart is created for this form. You may choose Assign Cart or Proceed to Checkout.

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