NoMAD for Mac


NoMAD is a menu bar application that communicates directly with our WVU-AD active directory domain. It launches automatically at login and synchronizes the local account password with the WVU Login password used to sign into NoMAD, eliminating the need to tie AD to the login process. The password is stored in your keychain, allowing NoMAD to log you in automatically.

When NoMAD is signed in, the menu bar icon will appear green. When NoMAD is not signed in, the menu bar icon will appear black.

Features of NoMAD:

Once you are signed into NoMAD, you'll have access to all of NoMAD’s features:

  • automatic Kerberos ticket creation and renewal
  • network share mounting
  • open Self Service
  • quick links to change your WVU Login password and get help from the ITS Self Service Site

If the local account password does not match the WVU Login password, NoMAD will prompt the user to synchronize the local account password to match the WVU Login password. This process will update the FileVault 2 encryption password, local keychain password, and some keychain entries such as Outlook and Skype for Business.

NoMAD menu bar options:

When you click the menu bar icon, your options will vary based on your location and if you are signed in.

On campus:

If you aren't signed in, you can select:

  • Sign In
  • Get Software
  • Get Help
  • Quit

After you sign in, you can select:

  • Renew Tickets
  • Change WVU Login Password
  • Sign Out
  • File Servers
  • Get Software
  • Get Help
  • Quit

Off campus:

When you are off campus, you can select:

  • Get Software
  • Get Help
  • Quit


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