Checking Out in Mountaineer Marketplace


These instructions show you how to complete your work on the shopping cart after shopping or completing a form. 



  1. Access Mountaineer Marketplace.
  2. Shop for products using the instructions here.
  3. Click Proceed to Checkout or Assign Cart.
    1. Assign the Cart: Your shopping cart will be assigned to another employee as a means of collaborating on a purchase before submitting the requisition for approvals.
    2. Proceed to Checkout Steps:
      1. If you have not set up a default shipping address, you will be required to enter a shipping address. 
        1. Click Required in the right panel.
        2. In the search field, begin typing an address. Click the correct address when it is displayed. 
        3. Enter your room number and phone details; click Save.
        4. (You can set up a default shipping address.  Instructions are located here.)
      2. Optionally, enter an account number.
        1. In the Account type field, click Select from all values.
        2. Choose GL - General Ledger or Grant - Grant Account.
        3. For the Campus/Project, DA/Task, Fund/Award, Line Item/Exp Type, and Function/Org fields, you can either type directly in the field, or you can click Select from all values, and then enter the beginning digits of the segment, a partial segment value enclosed within % signs, or a complete or partial or description. (For the Account segments (Campus/Project, etc.), the first segment listed is for GL accounts; the second segment listed is for a Grant account.)
        4. After retrieving possible matches, click select in the row with the correct segment.
        5. Review the completed fields.  If all are correct, click Save.  If the payment will be from two or more accounts, click add split.
        6. The values you entered in step 3 will populate the second line.  Change any values, and identify the % of Price each account will pay for a purchase.  Click Save. (You can also identify by quantity instead of by percent of price.)
      3. Attach invoices or documentation.
      4. Complete your work by clicking one of the two buttons:
        1. Submit Requisition
          1. A confirmation message is displayed. You can click the requisition number in the message and be returned to the requisition. The panel on the right shows the status of the approvals. Your shopping cart has become a requisition and will automatically route for electronic approvals based on WVU compliance rules. 
        2. Assign Cart: Your shopping cart will be forwarded to another employee as a means of collaborating on a purchase before submitting the requisition for approvals.

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