Reviewing and Acting on a Mountaineer Marketplace Requisition as an Approver


These instructions show you how to review requisitions submitted to you. You can approve, reject, return, forward, and perform other actions on a requisition.


Acting on a requisition within Mountaineer Marketplace:

  1. Access Mountaineer Marketplace.
  2. Within Mountaineer Marketplace, click the flag in the upper message panel.
  3. In the Action Items area, choose one of the two types of requisitions:
    1. My assigned Approvals: requisitions you assigned to yourself to review/approve.
    2. Unassigned Approvals: requisitions submitted to the SBA.
  4. Click the expand triangle for one of the folders listed and view the requisitions needing approval.
    1. SBA: shopper provided all or partial funding account.
    2. Acct Code Assign: shopper provided no funding information.
    3. GRANT Approval: the funding source is a Grant.
  5. A list of requisitions is displayed. Click the requisition number to view requisition details.
  6. Within the requisition, click any link at the top to navigate to a section.
  7. Make any necessary edits. If the account information is incomplete, you will need to complete it before approving.
  8. To act on the requisition, you can either:
    1. Click the drop down arrow by the requisition number and choose an action, such as Approve or Approve & Next.
    2. Click the Approve & Next button in the upper right corner if you are approving.
    3. Click the drop down arrow to the right of the Approve & Next button and choose an action.

Approving a Requisition From an Email:

  1. Make sure you have set up an approval code to act on approvals from your email and that you have set your notifications to receive approval requests via email.
  2. View emails from
  3. Scroll within the email to view details about the purchase.
  4. Click Take Action.
  5. In the browser window that opens, scroll to the Actions area. Enter the Approval Code you established.
  6. Click one of these options.
    • Approve
    • Return to Shared Folder.
    • Return to Requisitioner.
    • Forward to...
    • Reject/Cancel
  7. A message verifies that your action was successful.


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