Locating Purchase Orders and Determining If They Need to Be Manually Received in Mountaineer Marketplace


These instructions show you how to locate a purchase order and how to determine if a Purchase Order needs to be received. 


Locating a purchase order:

  1. Access Mountaineer Marketplace.

  2. Click the person icon in the upper right corner of Mountaineer Marketplace.

  3. In the person icon menu, choose My Recently Completed Purchase Orders.

  4. Verify that the Settlement Status column does not contain Fully Matched.

  5. Check the box at the right of the row and then click the Go button.

  6. In the Receipt Lines region:

    1. Verify that the Quantity field contains the number you have physically received; change if necessary.

    2. Click Complete.

  7. A verification message appears.

Determining if a purchase order needs to be manually received:

  1. If your Purchase Order was for any of the following, you will need to manually receive the Purchase Order in Mountaineer Marketplace before the invoice can be paid:
    • Supplier Catalog Purchase
    • Non-Catalog Form Purchase
    • PO Change Order
    • Solicitation Request



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