Receiving Items in Mountaineer Marketplace


These instructions show you how to receive items in Mountaineer Marketplace. 


Receiving products or services on a purchase order:

  1. Access Mountaineer Marketplace.
  2. Click the person icon in the upper right corner of Mountaineer Marketplace.
  3. In the person icon menu, choose My Recently Completed Purchase Orders.
  4. In the list of purchase orders, verify that the Matching Status column does not contain Fully Matched.  If the status is not Fully Matched, then the purchase order still has items or services that need to be received.
  5. Click the ellipsis (three-dot menu) at the left of the row.
    1. For Products: Click Create Quantity Receipt.
    2. For Services: Click Create Cost Receipt.
  6. In the Receipt Lines region:
    1. Products:
      1. The Quantity field contains the number remaining to be paid on the Purchase Order. Verify that this number corresponds to the number you have physically received; if this number is incorrect, change it to enter the quantity you have received.

      2. Check the box at the right side of the row.

      3. Click Complete.

    2. Services:
      1. The Cost field shows the dollar amount remaining to be paid on the purchase order. Verify that the services corresponding to this amount have been performed.  If the services have been only partially performed, delete the amount in the Cost field and enter the dollar amount corresponding to the work that has been performed.
      2. Check the box at the right side of the row.

      3. Click Complete.
  7. A verification message appears.
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