How to Purchase a Duo Display Token


You can purchase a display token to use with Duo Two-Factor Authentication. The display token is recommended because it works with any web browser or device.

Alternatively, you can download the free Duo app for Apple iOS and Android instead of purchasing a two-factor authentication device. See the Set up Duo article for more information.

How to purchase a device:

Faculty, staff and students may purchase a device through Barnes & Noble campus bookstores. To order online, go to your campus bookstore's site and search "Duo security." When you checkout, you can choose to pick up the device at your bookstore or have the device shipped to you. 

View the Add a Duo Display Token article for steps to link the device to your account.

Purchase warranty:

Customers who have purchased hardware (Duo Display Token or U2F YubiKey) to comply with WVU’s two-factor authentication program may replace defective devices within 30 days of the date of purchase at no cost, if a receipt or proof of purchase is provided. This warranty is the customer’s exclusive remedy for defective hardware and does not apply to devices that were deliberately or inadvertently destroyed by the customer. The original device must be returned to the bookstore where purchased.

Note: Any token over the 30 day warranty period that exhibits errors or stops functioning will need to be replaced. The cost of that replacement is not covered by a warranty. 


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