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If you have a question about Degree Works, read our FAQ.

Not all programs of study have audits represented in Degree Works. If the program of study is not in Degree Works, then an audit will not appear. Each semester, students who are not active are removed from Degree Works to ensure the system runs efficiently. If a student is not found in Degree Works, the student should contact his/her advisor who will notify the Office of the University Registrar to manually extract the student’s data from Banner.
Only students with an active Login account are able to access Degree Works. There are special character restrictions that can interfere with your ability to log into Degree Works. If your password has any special characters such as the %, +, or $ sign(s), you should change your Login password. If this does not work, clear your browser cache or try using a different browser.
Only faculty/advisors with the advisor role in Banner have access to Degree Works. Please have your department/college check to see if you are coded as an advisor in Banner on the SIAINST form. If you are not listed as an advisor and should be, visit the Office of the University Registrar’s website to download the "Faculty & Advisor Role Update" form. Once the form has been completed with the appropriate approvals and submitted to the Office of the the University Registrar, the role will be updated. If you have previously been listed as an advisor, you may have become inactive and will need to submit the form to update your role.
All of the data displayed in Degree Works is derived from data in the Student Information System (Banner). If there is information that is not showing in Degree Works, it is not in Banner. Occasionally, there is a timing issue as to when information is entered into Banner that has not yet made it to Degree Works. Data from Banner is refreshed in Degree Works on a nightly basis. Please allow 24 hours from when information appears in Banner to appear in Degree Works. Students should contact their advisor if they notice a discrepancy between the information in Degree Works and what appears in STAR.
The data in Degree Works is automatically refreshed from the data in Banner each night. Once an academic program change is entered in Banner, please allow 24 hours for the information to appear in Degree Works. Students may use the What-If feature for their new academic program to determine what the requirements are for the new academic program.
GEC Objective 2 requires a total of 13-14 credits to fulfill the requirement. GEC 2A requires 3 credits, GEC 2B requires 7-8 credits, and an additional 3 credits are required from either GEC 2A, 2B, or 2C. Once a student has satisfactorily completed the requirements for each group, the requirement will be checked off in Degree Works.
The Insufficient block represents courses that are not satisfactory to fulfill a requirement given the rules written in the audit. Withdrawn courses, repeated courses, and courses that do not meet the minimum grade required will display in this section of the audit. For instance, if a grade of C or higher is required in a major course and a student completes the course with a D, the completion with the grade of D will display in the Insufficient block.
Some degree blocks may contain non-course items, which are required for graduation. Any non-course items that are completed by exception must be performed before all requirements for the block (and defacto for the degree) will display as complete.
Requirements in DegreeWorks are pegged to Catalog Year, and the requirements are listed in that particular catalog. If you believe you are in the incorrect catalog year, please speak with your advisor to determine the best way to proceed.
Former students do not have access to Degree Works. However, former students may log into to access unofficial transcripts with their past courses and grades. If a former student is returning to WVU, they need to talk to an advisor in the department where they are returning or requesting classes. 

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