Transfer Credit Equivalency Information


Prospective and current WVU students can request to see credit equivalencies for courses they've taken or are considering.

How do I know what credits my course is worth?

Browse the Transfer Credits database to see how credits from other institutions might transfer to WVU. Please note this database is for informational purposes only and is not authoritative.

Note: The above database link works best in Internet Explorer, but may not work for all users. If you cannot access this link, please visit to download the transfer credit database spreadsheet.

In all cases, the application of transfer credit toward completion of a bachelor’s degree is determined by the school or college upon enrollment. If your course is not yet in the equivalency system, you must submit a Transfer Credit Equivalency Review Request to have your course officially evaluated.

How do I submit a request?

Go to the Transfer Credit Equivalency Review Request service page and click Start Process. You'll need to attach a syllabus for your previous course. For your request to be considered, the syllabus must include the following:

  • Prerequisites for the course
  • Instructional materials (books, online materials, lab equipment, etc.)
  • Course learning outcomes or a statement of learning objectives for the course
  • Assessments (tests, quizzes, essays, etc.)
  • A schedule of course activities or topical outline for the course
  • A lab outline for laboratory courses

View syllabi examples that meet the above criteria:

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