WVU Tech Cisco Phone and Voicemail FAQ


Questions WVU Tech employees may have about setting up their Cisco phone or voicemail.

Use the Request a New WVU Tech Phone service page to submit your request.

If you are calling the voicemail system from your phone, press the messages button with the envelope icon.

The system will ask for your PIN. As a WVU Tech employee, the default PIN will be 25802.

The system will talk you through the enrollment process, where to record your name and greeting, and change the PIN. The PIN must be at least six digits and can't be anything easy to hack (such as 123456 or 111111).

Once you are enrolled, the system will take you through the process to listen to your messages.

There are three indicators of new messages:

  • A red light on the handset
  • An envelope icon next to your extension number on the phone's screen display
  • "You have voicemail" will appear at the bottom of the display

You can check new and saved messages in your Cisco Unity Connection mailbox by phone or in the email application. You either can save or delete messages during message playback or after you listen to an entire message. Ask your Connection administrator if the system is set up to enforce a message-retention policy and, if so, how long it stores your messages before permanently deleting them.

Note: Connection does not indicate when a message-retention policy is enforced, nor does it warn you before messages are permanently deleted as a result of such a policy.

Check your messages using the phone keypad:

  1. Call and sign in to Connection.

  2. At the Main menu, select the applicable menu option:

    • Review Old Messages or Play New Messages for messages in your Connection mailbox.
    • Play External Messages for messages in your email application.
  3. Follow the prompts to listen to and manage your messages.

Check your messages in the email application:

Voice messages and receipts typically appear in a separate folder in your email application. Messages contain a WAV file attachment with the recording. You play a voice message by opening the attachment.

Your email application may notify you of new voice messages in the same way that it notifies you of new email messages.

  1. Dial the WVU Tech external access number 304-929-0329.
  2. When the system answers, press *.
  3. When prompted, provide your ID. The ID for WVU Tech employees is 2 + the last four digits of your University phone number (2XXXX).
  4. Press #.
  5. Enter your voicemail security code.
  6. Press #.
Submit a ticket to connect your voicemail and email address.

When making calls from the Cisco IP Phones, use the following formats:

  • Reach another phone at WVU Tech that begins with 304-929: Dial 2 followed by the last four digits of the number. For example, to reach 304-929-8324, dial 28324.

  • Local calls outside the campus: Dial 9 followed by the ten-digit phone number.

  • Long-distance within the U.S. and most parts of Canada: Dial 91 followed by the ten-digit phone number.

  • WVU Morgantown campus numbers: Dial 91 followed by the ten-digit phone number.

  • Toll-free numbers: Dial 91 followed by the ten-digit toll free number.

  • International Calling is currently disabled. View the Place a Business-Related International Call from a Cisco Phone article for more information about requesting a Telephone Identification Number and placing a call.


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