Research Data Depot


The WVU Research Data Depot is a centrally managed, reliable, secure and fast data storage system specifically designed to meet the university’s diverse research storage needs. Designed to handle all size of files, from small to very large, researchers who use this service will have access to their data both on and off campus and can also use it to collaborate with researchers outside of WVU.

ITS designed the Data Depot to be easy to use. Researchers have access to drag and drop files through an interface they are accustomed to using such as Windows, OSX or Linux file managers. Command line tools, such as sftp, and Linux based command, such as mount, can also be used to access the files on lab PCs/servers.

Access to the Data Depot can be purchased at a low rate that provides access for 5 years of storage. The data stored can be replicated and/or encrypted for an additional fee. More information is available in the Research Data Depot Storage Pricing article.

To submit a ticket, please use the Researching Computing service and select Research Data Depot Storage Purchase from the Help Topic list.


  • Any research group at WVU may purchase storage for a minimum of 10TB per year for five years.
  • Access to data is provided for 5 years. After 5 years, researchers will need to reinvest to maintain access to storage.
  • Data is stored in a central location and is available to wherever you need it on/off campus. You no longer need to copy data from location to location.
  • CIFS/SMB protocols provide access to files through a PC/MAC from labs or offices.
  • Storage is accessible via other means such as Globus Online and sftp.
  • Provides High Performance Computing (HPC) users a great place to share applications, scripts, documents and other data.
  • Easy sharing mechanisms through UNIX groups and Globus Online for external collaborators.
  • Highly redundant to protect against hardware failures and accidental deletions. Data can be replicated offsite for an additional fee for further data protection.
  • All data is snapshot daily to provide the ability to easily recover deleted or changed files. The system keeps a week of daily snapshots available for restoration.
  • Stores protected/regulated data sets with prior permission from Research Computing.
  • All data remains controlled by the research group's PI.
  • Users do NOT have to use WVU’s HPC services.




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