Classroom Attendance Monitoring With Mobile ID


Faculty can use classroom attendance monitoring with mobile ID to take attendance and create reports through See the attached faculty and student guides for complete instructions, or view the videos linked below. If you need assistance setting up or using classroom attendance monitoring, submit a ticket using the Classroom Attendance Monitoring Request service page.

How instructors can log attendance:

  • Choose when students can log their attendance each class.
    This is the preferred method for logging attendance. You can choose a different time for each class period to keep students guessing as to when they can sneak out. This method requires Mobile ID app for both the students and the instructor. Use the app at a random time and tap ATTENDANCE and then START. A 15-minute countdown begins for students to log their attendance. This method requires the students to be within a certain distance of the instructor’s smartphone.

  • Log attendance online using the photo roster.
    Go to and select class attendance monitor. You will see a photo roster of your current class. Click on the student photos and log their attendance yourself.
  • Log attendance with the Detect Nearby Devices app feature.
    The Mobile ID app's Detect Nearby Devices feature uses a combination of three signals to determine if an instructor’s phone is in close enough proximity with students for attendance: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and high frequency audio. Although this is the default method for taking attendance and is more secure, it can be more problematic with larger class sizes and a wide variety of smartphones. View the Detect Nearby Devices for Attendance article for more information and tips for using this feature.

  • Log attendance with the Use My Location app feature.
    The Mobile ID app's Use My Location feature is recommended for larger classrooms and class sizes. This option uses the instructor’s phone’s location services (GPS) to establish a geofence for the class. Students can then enter the dynamically generated class location number, which changes for each class session, into their Mobile ID app to record their attendance. View the Use My Location for Attendance article for more information and tips for using this feature. 

How instructors can report on attendance:

As an instructor, you can access five different reports from and email them to yourself. You can also view class rosters, which include pictures. For complete details with screenshots, view the attached faculty guide. To access reports, log into, then do the following:

  1. Select Class Attendance Setup from the left-hand navigation menu. 
  2. Select the Reports button. 
  3. Click the drop-down menu to select the report you want to email to yourself and make sure your email address is correct. Select the report format you want to receive (choose from CSV, class details, class summary, attendance audit, or class roster with pictures). Optionally, you can click the Weekly tab and set the report to be emailed to you every Monday morning. 

Note: For best results, generate a report using either the PDF or Excel format. The CSV format is not recommended for most instructor's needs as it is formatted for uploading data and not intended to be viewed as a spreadsheet.

Tips for using Mobile ID in the classroom:

  • To ensure they’re getting the latest prompts, encourage your students to close the app after each use. Letting it run in the background could prevent timely notifications.
  • Try announcing the class’s location number or writing it on the board after starting attendance. This number is randomly generated for each class section. It can be manually entered into the app to quickly find the class for attendance.
  • When teaching a large class (75+ students) or in a large classroom, consider switching to “Use My Location” before starting attendance.

If you need assistance setting up or using classroom attendance monitoring, submit a ticket using the Classroom Attendance Monitoring Request service page.



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