Classroom Attendance Monitoring With Mobile ID


There are two ways instructors can log classroom attendance. See the attached faculty and student guides for complete instructions. If you need assistance, submit a ticket using the Classroom Attendance Monitoring Request service page.

How instructors can log attendance:

  • Choose when students can log their attendance each class.
    This is the preferred method for logging attendance. You can choose a different time for each class period to keep students guessing as to when they can sneak out. This method requires Mobile ID app for both the students and the instructor. Use the app at a random time and tap ATTENDANCE and then START. A 15-minute countdown begins for students to log their attendance. This method requires the students to be within a certain distance of the instructor’s smartphone.

  • Log attendance using the photo roster.
    Go to and select class attendance monitor. You will see a photo roster of your current class. Click on the student photos and log their attendance yourself.


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