Meal Reimbursement


You can submit an expense report to receive reimbursement for meals, whether you stayed in one location throughout the trip, or you traveled to various locations.  


Meal Reimbursement for one location (Per Diem Wizard)

Meal Reimbursement for multiple locations (Per Diem by Date)

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  1. In MyExpenses, click New.
  2. Complete the white fields on the worksheet and then click Save.

  3. Choose the main category of Meals, and then choose between Per Diem Wizard and Meal Per Diem By Date.

    • Choose Per Diem Wizard if you traveled to one location.

    • Choose Meal Per Diem By Date if you traveled to multiple locations.

  4. Enter the dates.

  5. Enter the location.

  6. Enter the account number.  If you do not know the account number, enter 00001 Default Allocation to forward the expense report to your SBA.

  7. Click Add Allocation if you wish to split the expense between two or more funds.

  8. To deduct meals on a particular day, click the day and then check the box corresponding to the meal. You are required to deduct meals that were paid for you by another source, e.g., a conference or meeting.

  9. Click Add to Report.

  10. Click Submit.

  11. Click Submit.

  12. Verify you deducted applicable meals.

  13. Click Submit.


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