Employee Travel Reimbursement


These instructions show you how to submit an expense report in MyExpenses for travel expenses that you paid with your own funds. Examples include airfare, lodging, transportation, conference registration, as well as sub-categories such as baggage fees and seat selection fees.



  1. Access MyExpenses.

  2. Click New in the right panel.

  3. The blank worksheet opens. Complete all white fields.

  4. Click Save in the upper right corner.

  5. Click the category of expenses, such as Air Travel.

  6. Complete the details for the expense. The required details will vary, depending on the category of expense.

  7. Enter the account paying for the purchase. If you do not know the account number, enter 00001 Default Allocation.

  8. After completing the account number, you can click Add Allocation to add another account and split the cost between two or more accounts.

  9. Upload receipts.

  10. Click Submit to certify the expenses are for legitimate business purchases.

  11. Enter any required responses.

  12. Click Submit again.


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