Dashboard Menu Bar


The menu bar at the top of the WVU+kc dashboard provides easy access to the various research activities conducted within WVU+kc. You can create and search for documents as well as run reports for each activity via drop-down menus.


Quicklinks provides links to resources outside of WVU+kc that you may need to access while working within the system such as OSP pre-award information, internal grants assistance and the CITI training website. This menu is always accessible when working in WVU+kc and will open the link to the outside resource in a new browser tab.

Adjusting the menu bar:

If using a large computer monitor, the menu bar will run horizontally across the top of your dashboard, as shown above. If working on a small monitor or tablet, the menu bar may display as 3 horizontal lines known as a hamburger menu. If you see a hamburger menu and would like for your menu bar to display horizontally, you can adjust the size of your display by holding the Ctrl key and pressing the minus key (-). Continue clicking the minus key until your display has resized to show the menu bar across your dashboard. If you prefer the hamburger menu display, you can adjust your screen size by clicking Ctrl and the plus key (+) until the full menu bar disappears.


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