CITI Training


Below is information about accessing CITI training, what to do when trainings are not displaying in WVU+kc and where to ask questions regarding CITI training at WVU. 

Access CITI:

When WVU credentials are associated with completed CITI training courses, they will display in WVU+kc for each person listed on the Personnel page of a proposal or IRB protocol.

Note: Always login to the CITI training website using your WVU Login username and password

Go to the CITI training website and click the Log In button. Once taken to the login page, there will be three options to login. Select “Log In Through My Institution” and select West Virginia University from the list of partner institutions to login using your WVU credentials.

CITI trainings not displaying:

All trainings completed while logged into CITI using your WVU Login will display in WVU+kc on the Personnel page of IRB protocols as well as proposals. If your CITI trainings are not displaying in WVU+kc, you may have completed CITI trainings using an account created at another institution or inadvertently logged into CITI using its general login area instead of using your WVU credentials. Please visit the CITI support page to submit a request to merge your accounts. Once your old account has been merged with your WVU Login account, all of your associated CITI trainings will display in WVU+kc within a week.


Questions about required CITI trainings should be referred to the Office of Research Integrity & Compliance at 304-293-7073.


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