VoiceThread is a cloud-based learning tool used to share and discuss documents and media. VoiceThread can be used to enhance communication, collaboration, and engagement. Some examples of its uses are:

  • Virtual Discussions (for example, you can provide verbal comments to a student on a paper; the student can reply with comments or questions)
  • Narrated PowerPoints
  • Collaborative Presentations
  • Reflections
  • Digital Stories

Five commenting options are available to discuss the content: microphone, webcam, text, phone or audio-file upload. A VoiceThread can be shared with a class, a single person, or groups of people.

Adding VoiceThread to eCampus

You must link VoiceThread to your course before it can be used.

  1. Navigate to a content page within a course.
  2. Select the Assessments tab.
  3. Select VoiceThread.
  4. Provide a Name.
  5. Select any Services or Options.
  6. Click Submit.

Create a VoiceThread:

  1. Make the appropriate selection based on how you access VoiceThread:
    1. From the Course View homepage, select Add Your Own.
    2. From the Individual VoiceThread screen, select Create New VoiceThread.
    3. From VoiceThread Home, select Create.
  2. Add media by dragging and dropping files to the page, or select Add Media.
    1. Each slide in a PowerPoint deck will have its own "page" in VoiceThread.
    2. Each page in a Word document will have its own "page" in VoiceThread.
    3. Each image will have its own "page" in VoiceThread.
  3. To add a comment, click a page, and then click Comment. Hover near the bottom of the page and click the plus symbol.
    1. Click the symbol for either text, phone, microphone, video, or upload.
    2. Provide the comment.
    3. Click the forward or back arrow to navigate to a different page to add a comment to another page.
  4. When you have completed all comments, click the X in the VoiceThread upper right corner.

Share a VoiceThread: 

  1. Click the Share icon. (If you return to VoiceThread after creating your presentation, hover over the thumbnail of your presentation and click the curved arrow in the bottom left.)
  2. You can share to an entire class or to individuals.
    • Entire Class: You can do this in two ways:
      • Click the Basic tab.
        1. Click Copy Link; click the X to exit the Share screen.
        2. Navigate back to your course content page.
        3. In your content page, click Build Content and then Item.
        4. Name the Item.
        5. Paste the link in the Text area. Then highlight the link and click the Link icon in the Text panel. A new window opens.
          1. Paste the link.
          2. Click Insert.
          3. Click Submit.
    • Individuals: 
    1. Click the Secure tab.
    2. Click the + (Plus) symbol to add a contact's email address and name.
    3. Click names within the contact box who will be shared this presentation.
    4. In Allow Them to... click any or all of the choices View, Comment, or Edit.
    5. Click Share.

Note: Click the blue Help? button on the right side to see answers to common questions.

VoiceThread will have a new look and features for any new assignments created after a June 30 vendor upgrade. This change will happen automatically without an outage and won’t affect the content of existing assignments.  

Please note the new features won’t be applied to assignments created before June 30. If you copy a course from prior semesters and would like to use the new features for late summer classes or fall 2021, you will need to recreate those assignments after June 30. If you do not recreate them, they will retain the current functionality.

Updated Features:

  • Content Organization: The assignment controls all VoiceThread content associated with it. Once you use a VoiceThread for an assignment, it will no longer be visible on your VT Home Page. The assignment is the only place instructors and students can see it.
  • Workflow: Streamlined creation process for building a VoiceThread within the assignment setup process.
  • Settings: Instructors can dictate the playback settings for all VoiceThreads when students are completing a “Create a VoiceThread” assignment type. Students cannot override these settings.
  • Access: Instructors automatically have edit access to all student-created VoiceThreads for a “Create a VoiceThread” assignment type.
  • Sharing: Instructors determine whether or not other students can see one another’s submissions. Students no longer need to remember to share when submitting.
  • Peer Review: Student Gallery allows students to see all student VoiceThread submissions for a single assignment in a single collection, separated from the other assignments. No more need to use a second “Course View” link to have students view and comment on their peers’ submissions! Note: The current limitation is that students can’t comment on their own VoiceThreads in the Student Gallery, but that will be changing soon.
  • Messaging: Customize your success messaging for students.
  • Timed Release: Set start dates and due dates. Students will not be able to see your assignment outside of that time range. This allows you to create assignments well before you want students to see them.
  • Assessment Style: Grade by percentage or pass/fail. (Point grading coming soon!)
  • Student Review Decide whether or not students are allowed to see their own submission after they’ve submitted successfully.
  • New Criteria: Require students to record a set number of comments on the “Create a VoiceThread” and “Commenting” assignment types.
  • More New Criteria: “Watch” assignments tabulate watching of central media and comments, rather than just comments.
  • Control: After students submit, they will not be permitted to make any alterations to their submission unless you’ve allowed them to resubmit.

Features that won’t be supported anymore: 

  • Sharing a VoiceThread from an assignment outside of the assignment will now require a copy be made and then shared.
  • Group assignments will be a bit more complex while VoiceThread works on simplifying and streaming that logic.

New Assignment Guides



New Assignment Features Workshops:

  • May 11, 2021 1:00 pm (Eastern Time) - Register here
    In this workshop, you will learn how to turn new assignments on for your courses and begin using them with your students. We will review all of the workflows, new features, and options for your VoiceThread assessments.
  • March 9, 2021 Workshop Recording

New Assignment Guides



Webinars and Support:

VoiceThread offers free webinars on a regular basis, allowing you to choose a time that's convenient for product demonstrations. The webinars typically last an hour, with extra time allotted for questions. Visit VoiceThread's website to register for an upcoming webinar.


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