VoiceThread is a cloud-based learning tool used to share and discuss documents and media. VoiceThread can be used to enhance communication, collaboration, and engagement. Some examples of its uses are:

  • Virtual Discussions (for example, you can provide verbal comments to a student on a paper; the student can reply with comments or questions)
  • Narrated PowerPoints
  • Collaborative Presentations
  • Reflections
  • Digital Stories

Five commenting options are available to discuss the content: microphone, webcam, text, phone or audio-file upload. A VoiceThread can be shared with a class, a single person, or groups of people.

Adding VoiceThread to eCampus

You must link VoiceThread to your course before it can be used.

  1. Navigate to a content page within a course.
  2. Select the Assessments tab.
  3. Select VoiceThread.
  4. Provide a Name.
  5. Select any Services or Options. If you will be creating a graded assignment, remember to enable grading. This option is called “Outcomes”
  6. Click Submit.

Using New Assignments (Instructors)

Using New Assignments (Students)

Webinars and Support:

VoiceThread offers free webinars on a regular basis, allowing you to choose a time that's convenient for product demonstrations. The webinars typically last an hour, with extra time allotted for questions. Visit VoiceThread's website to register for an upcoming webinar.


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