Dashboard News Feed


The News Feed/Alerts section of the WVU+kc dashboard identifies items that are requiring you to take action.

How to manage actions in the News Feed:

You can mark an alert read by clicking the green checkmark in the Action section. This will keep the alert in the News Feed but will unbold the font. You can delete the alert by clicking the trashcan icon which will remove it from the News Feed. Finally, you can open the document to take action by clicking the blue arrow.

Once you have completed the requested action, the alert will disappear from your News Feed section. If there is a completed alert that does not automatically clear from your News Feed, click the refresh button in the News Feed section. 

The News Feed displays only the five most current alerts. To see the total number of actions that are being requested of you look at the number by the News Feed header in the Menu Bar. If your number is over 5, click on the News Feed section in the Menu Bar to see all of your alerts.


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