Fonts and Branding

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Learn how to obtain fonts and other branding elements of the WVU brand.

Where do I find information about fonts and branding?

All WVU Brand info for WVU staff can be found at

Font information can be found at

Fonts must be purchased using the IT Purchase Request Form if you or your department don’t already own a license.

General information and purchase recommendations:

Fonts are not managed centrally by SLIC or any WVU element. They are handled by the departments themselves.

For users wanting to purchase Helvetica, Arial is nearly identical and is an acceptable substitute for most things if you don’t want to buy a license.

Adobe only sells large multi-font packages direct to the customer and refers individuals to resellers. Both Adobe and SLIC recommend for these purchases. offers a range of font license agreements. Many licenses cover 3-5 computers, but you have to check whether they are licenses for multiple concurrent users or for use by only one individual on multiple machines.

Where should I direct further questions?

If you need assistance with downloading your purchased fonts or experience issues, contact your desk side support. Further questions can be directed to the Software Licensing Information Center (SLIC) by filling out a software assistance request using the SLIC Software Request Form.


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