Unable to Log into Outlook & Office 365 After Claiming or Changing Login Password (HSC Accounts)


If you have an HSC account, you may be unable to log into Outlook Web App, Outlook clients or Office 365 immediately after claiming, changing or resetting your Login password. These Login changes must be synchronized before you are able to log in.

What to do if you are unable to log into Office 365:

The amount of time it may take for the Office 365 account to become accessible is based on when you changed your password in relation to when the synchronization process runs. This generally takes a maximum of 45 minutes. It is possible the account could become accessible in a shorter period of time, so you may try to log in periodically to check.

During this time, Login credentials can be used to log into other WVU systems. It is a good idea to test the new password on another WVU system to ensure you are entering them correctly.

If after 30 to 45 minutes have passed and your Office 365 account is still not accessible, contact the HSC Help Desk (304-293-3631) for assistance.


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