Authenticate with Duo


After entering your Login credentials, you must use Duo two-factor authentication to verify your identity to access WVU systems. You can choose to authenticate with the Duo Mobile app or enter a passcode.

Your authentication will remain active for 24 hours in this browser session. If you close the browser or switch to another browser, you must authenticate again. After 24 hours, your authentication will expire and you must re-authenticate.

How do I authenticate with the Duo Mobile app?

  1. From the Duo prompt screen, click Send Me a Push. If you adjusted your settings to automatically send your device a push notification, you don’t need to click this button.
    Note: If the notification does not appear on your device immediately, open the Duo Mobile app to see the notification. Make sure your device settings are adjusted to receive push notifications.
  2. Open the push notification on your device and tap Approve.
    Note: If you receive an authentication request that you didn’t initiate, click Deny. Then change your password immediately.

How do I authenticate with a code?

  1. From the Duo prompt screen, click Enter a Passcode.
  2. Acquire a single-use passcode using one of these methods:
    • Open the Duo Mobile app on your smartphone or tablet. Click the Show link next to the hidden passcode to reveal a code. This is a great option of you don't have cellular service or Wi-Fi access.
    • If you have a Duo display token associated with your account, press the green button on your token to generate a code.
    • Use a backup code that you generated at Make sure to mark off used codes on your printed list.
  3. Enter the passcode and click Log In.


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