WVU Email is Getting Flagged as Spam


An instructor's email or a WVU communication may sometimes be flagged as Spam in a MIX Gmail account. To prevent your MIX Gmail from filtering WVU messages, you can add a filter to allow all emails from WVU domains (both @mail.wvu.edu and @mix.wvu.edu addresses).

How to create the filter:

  1. Click the Show search options arrow in your Gmail search bar. This will open an area for you to create a filter.

  2. In the From field of your filter, enter the email domain (the part that comes after the @ symbol). For example, if you want to allow all emails from @mail.wvu.edu addresses, you would enter mail.wvu.edu in the From field.

  3. At the bottom-right corner of the dialog, click on the Create filter with this search link. Your filter will appear as from:(mail.wvu.edu) (or whichever email domain you entered above) in the search bar.

  4. Select the checkbox for Never send it to Spam.

  5. Click Create filter. You should see a Your filter has been created confirmation.



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