WVU Research Corporation PCard Course in eCampus


The WVU Research Corporation PCard training is available through eCampus.

Who needs to complete the PCard course in eCampus?

WVU or WVU Research Corporation employees at the request of the College/Division PCard Administrator when a Research Corporation PCard is needed.

What's the difference between State PCard Certification and the PCard eCampus Course?

WVU Research Corporation Training is provided via the eCampus Course when a Research Corporation PCard is requested. The WV State Auditor’s PCard Training Program is required when a State PCard is being requested.

The State of West Virginia PCard Program was created and implemented in 1996 by West Virginia Code, §12-3-10a, and is governed by Legislative Rule, 155 CSR 7. The State Auditor’s Office, PCard Division serves as the Program Administrator for the State PCard Program. WVURC’s PCard Program is not covered by those statutory authorities; the Treasurer of WVURC serves as the Program Administrator.

How do I get the access code to enroll in the eCampus course?

PCard Administration will provide the access code and training instructions. Employees should contact their DCC or SBA who will authorize the request with PCard Administration.

Where can I learn more?

For more information about PCards, go to procurement.wvu.edu/employees/pcard.



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