Fraud Detection Alert Message


Office 365 users receiving messages at their addresses may notice a red rectangle at the top of some messages containing the following alert message: "This sender failed our fraud detection checks and may not be who they appear to be."

This message is inserted by Microsoft Office 365 servers as a caution when messages appearing to have come from addresses are not sent directly to recipients at other addresses. It is common for this to appear when the sender's message goes through a third-party system before being delivered to an address. Microsoft uses this to advise that the sending address may not be genuine.

In cases where messages containing this alert are believed to be genuine, users may disregard the alert. There are links contained in the alert that go to sites where additional information is available and feedback can be left.

This type of alert has appeared on messages received from external LISTSERV lists, but it may also be possible for it to appear at the top of other messages coming from external addresses. This notification will not likely be associated with messages coming through WVU-managed LISTSERV lists or messages coming directly from WVU email addresses.



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Mon 10/24/16 11:33 AM
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