Using a Qualtrics Contact List to Email Survey Invitations


You can create a Contact List in Qualtrics and use its list of email addresses to send invitations to desired participants.

Advantages to this method include the ability to send reminder emails to just those who have not submitted a survey and the ability to easily add additional columns of embedded data for each respondent to the survey results.

A possible disadvantage could be loss of anonymity for the respondents. You can, however, choose to anonymize responses from a survey distributed to a contact list.

Instructions on how to create a contact list can be found in the Qualtrics Support article: Creating a Contact List

Using a Qualtrics contact list:

  1. To use the contact list to email individualized links to respondents, click on the Distributions tab.

  2. Click on the Compose Email button.

  3. Choose the contact list that you wish to send to and make other changes to the outgoing email invitation.

    • The From Address can be left as is or you can specify anything you like as long as the email address ends in or one of the Qualtrics domain addresses such as For instance, you could specify Be aware that this is not a real email address.

    • You can supply a From Name of your choice: this can be your name, the name of your department, the name of the research project, etc.

    • For Reply-To Email address, you can specify your own email address associated with your Qualtrics account or a shared mailbox address that has an alias for the domain added to it. You can put in a service request for a alias to be added an existing Office 365 shared mailbox that ends in If your shared mailbox ends in, please contact the HSC help desk for assistance. You cannot enter a different person's email address.

    • You can determine when the invitation messages will be sent.

  4. Click on the Show Advanced Options link in the bottom left corner of the message if you need to set an earlier or later expiration date. By default, the email invitation will expire 2 months after the creation date.

  5. When you are ready to send the email, click the Send Now button or schedule it to be delivered in the future.

Warning: It is critical that you do not delete the "opt out" link at the bottom of the outgoing email message. This best practice will reduce the chance that your email invitations will be perceived as spam by the recipients or their email service.

An alternative to using a Contact List is to request an anonymous link and paste it into your own email message that you send to a LISTSERV mailing list if it is a large number of recipients or a list of email addresses in a BCC field from your email account for a small number of participants.


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