Update Your Personal Information (for WVU students)


Current and former WVU students should follow the steps below to update their personal information. If you have been admitted to WVU, but you have not started your program (registered for classes), contact the Undergraduate Admissions office or the Office of Graduate Admissions and Recruitment to update your personal information.

Update your information:

  • Update your phone numbers or mailing addresses: You can update your phone numbers or addresses in STAR under the Personal Information section. Detailed instructions can be found in this article.

  • Update your legal or preferred name: Contact the Office of the University Registrar to update your legal or preferred name. Preferred name will only be updated in STAR (Banner), Degree Works and eCampus. To learn more about changing your legal or preferred name in other systems, submit a ticket here.  
    Note: If your updated name is not displaying in WVU systems, contact the Office of the University Registrar. They must send the update to the Identity Management team.

  • Update your email address in the Directory: If your email address is listed incorrectly in an application or the WVU Directory, contact the Information Technology Services by submitting a ticket. If you are unable to submit a ticket, call 304-293-4444.

  • Update your preferred name for your email account: If you would like to update your displayed name for your MIX Gmail, you can change your "Send as" name:

    1. Log into your MIX Gmail account.

    2. Click the gear icon then Settings.

    3. Click the Accounts tab.

    4. Select edit info next to Send mail as: to enter a preferred name.

  • Update other information: Refer to the WVU Directory FAQ if any other information is missing or incorrect. 


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