Log Into eCampus


eCampus is the learning management system used at WVU. Log into eCampus using your Login credentials.

How do I log into eCampus?

There are several ways to access eCampus.

Go directly to the eCampus site:

  1. Click Login.
  2. If prompted, enter your Login credentials.

Access eCampus through the WVU Portal:

  1. If prompted, enter your Login credentials.
  2. Click on a course under the eCampus Courses section.

Can't log in?

If you can't access eCampus, perform an eCampus browser check and make sure your computer meets the requirements for eCampus. For a list of computer requirements and supported browsers for eCampus, view the Blackboard browser support page.

For additional assistance logging into eCampus, view the Unable to Log Into eCampus article.



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