Shared Office 365 Email Folders and Permission Levels


Those who oversee email accounts in Office 365 can grant read access to others. This grants them the ability to see the contents of designated areas. With Shared Mailbox accounts, permissions must be granted by the Full Access Delegate over the account. Full Access Delegate permission is assigned by ITS System Administrators. With personal accounts, the owner of the account can grant access directly to others.

The links on this page show how Full Access Delegates and personal account owners can grant folder access to others, and how those with whom access has been granted can access those areas.

How to share or access shared folders:

Please follow the appropriate links for the methods used to access Office 365 by both the person sharing and the person accessing the shared areas:

Permission levels for shared folders:


Only ITS can grant this permission. Owners are allowed full rights to the mailbox (Calendar or Folder), including assigning permissions. ITS does not recommend requesting this permission for everyone. 

Publishing Editor Create, read, edit and delete all items; create subfolders.
Editor Create, read, edit and delete all items.
Publishing Author Create and read items; create subfolders; edit and delete items created by the user.
Author Create and read items; edit and delete items they've created.
Nonediting Author Create and read items; delete items created by the user.
Reviewer Read items.
Contributor Create items.
Free/Busy time, subject, location View the time, subject and location of the appointment or meeting on your calendar.
Free/Busy time Shows only as Free or Busy on your calendar. No details are provided.
None No permissions are set for the selected user on the specified calendar or folder.


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