Using Templates and WVU Themes in Qualtrics


Survey project owners can use WVU branded themes to create new surveys or update the appearance of an existing survey.

Create a new survey using a WVU branded template in a library:

  1. Log into Qualtrics. 

  2. Click on the Create New Project button.

  3. Click on the Survey button under Projects from Scratch.

  4. Click on the blue Get Started button in the bottom right corner.

  5. Give your new survey project a name in the Name field. 

  6. You can optionally select one of your folders as the location for the new survey.

  7. Click on Use a Survey from your Library.

  8. Choose your unit or college group library from the drop-down list. You should be the member of at least one group; however, only some groups associated with colleges and administrative units will have WVU design templates provided in their group libraries. 

  9. Once you have selected the library, select the template survey. It might be in a Templates folder, depending on how the group library is organized. There may be more than one template to choose from.

  10. Click on the blue Create Project button.
  11. Your template might contain a starter question. You may edit or delete this question as you start work on your own copy of the survey. 

  12. Continue adding and editing questions as you normally do.

  13. You can make additional changes to the survey options and "look and feel".

  14. To view the survey's appearance, click on the Preview Survey button.

Change the theme on a new or existing survey:

  1. Log into Qualtrics. Select and edit the existing survey project that you wish to update.

  2. Click on the Look & Feel button from the list on the left, while you are under the Survey tab.

  3. Click on Theme at the top of the list of choices.

  4. Choose the West Virginia University theme at the top if it is not already selected to be sure you are using a dynamic theme.

  5. You can scroll through the list of themes to choose an alternative dynamic theme. Your choices will be determined by which Qualtrics Division your account belongs to. There are a couple of blank choices at the bottom of the list where you can customize a theme by adding a logo image from your group or personal Qualtrics library.

  6. You can make additional changes to the survey appearance such as adding text to the Next & Previous buttons under the General category. You can change the font and question spacing under the Style category.

  7. Click on the blue Apply button in the bottom right corner.

  8. If the survey is active, click on the Publish button for your changes to take effect. If you are still working on your survey, you can wait until you are ready to distribute your survey to publish it.

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