Outlook 2016 for Mac Desktop Client Does Not Start or is Missing Content


Outlook 2016 is the intended replacement for Outlook 2011 for Mac. It is presently only minimally supported by Microsoft and has been released early to organizations with Office 365 subscriptions. Learn how to obtain and configure this version by reading our Install Microsoft Office 365 for Mac on Personally-Owned Computers article.

While we have not received many problem reports with the product thus far, we did have a case where the user reported what appeared to be a problem with the database. The Outlook desktop client at times would not start, and at other times would not show all the content that it should. The user could log into Outlook Web App and see all of the expected account contents. This confirmed that the problem was not related to the server. If this problem occurs, follow the steps below.


On your Mac computer, the Outlook desktop client does not start or is missing content. However, when you access Outlook Web App (outlook.com/mail.wvu.edu), you see all the content that you should.


In the past, rebuilding the database and profile has resolved this issue. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Exit Outlook 2016 for Mac.
  2. Open the Applications folder and right-click Microsoft Outlook App.
  3. Select Show Package Contents, and then select the Contents folder and the SharedSupport folder.
  4. Double-click Outlook Profile Manager.app.
  5. Select the existing profile, click the - (subtract) button, and then click delete.
  6. Click the + (add) button, and name the profile anything you like.
  7. Close Outlook Profile Manager, and then open Outlook 2016.
  8. Click Tools, select Accounts, and then choose Exchange or Office 365.
  9. Enter the following information, substituting your actual Login username for "Login."
    • Email address: Login@mail.wvu.edu
    • Method: User Name and Password
    • Username: wvu.edu/Login
    • Password: (your actual password)
  10. Click Add Account.
  11. When prompted, select the Always use my response for this server, and click Allow. This should come up twice.
  12. Once you are returned to the Accounts window, wait for a green dot to appear next to the account, and then close the Accounts window.

This process should refresh the client, and after a number of moments, the folders and mail content should become visible.




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