iClicker Information for Instructors


iClicker is an audience response tool that makes it easy to track attendance, increase participation, facilitate quizzes, measure performance and get more out of your classroom. Student responses are instantly recorded and grades can be synced with eCampus.

You can choose between two software versions: iClicker Classic and iClicker Cloud. iClicker Cloud is the newer version with more question types and cloud storage and can be used with courses delivered online. Review the comparison chart and associated students costs before choosing which version is right for you.

iClicker instructor kits are provided free of charge to all WVU instructors upon request. Kits include one instructor remote, one student remote and one base with a power cord. You must request a kit if you are allowing students to respond using an iClicker remote. If you leave WVU, you must return your kit to ITS.

iClicker Cloud now allows multiple-column integration during grade sync. You can now automatically save a student’s individual poll and quiz session scores and assignment scores to the eCampus gradebook. Download the latest version of iClicker Cloud to enable these features.

Webinar Training:

iClicker offers online training for both software versions. The training is intended to introduce iClicker to brand new users and includes a live demo. It is a great way to familiarize yourself with the software before setting it up for the first time. You can register for one-on-one training or invite your colleagues.

Instructor Guides:

iClicker Cloud:

iClicker Classic:

Note: View the iClicker Information for Students article for student registration instructions. If you have a specific question, search for an answer in the iClicker Knowledge Base

Classroom Frequencies:

View the iClicker Frequencies article to see the list of assigned classroom frequencies on the Morgantown campus. These have been assigned to certain classrooms to eliminate frequency interference.

Software Downloads: 

iClicker Cloud

System Requirements: 64-bit processor running Windows 8 or newer; macOS High Sierra (10.13) or newer

iClicker Classic

System Requirements: Windows 7 or newer; macOS El Capitan (10.11.6) or newer 

Note: If you are a MacOS Sierra or High Sierra user, you need to refer to this workaround article in order to run iClicker Classic.

Support and Known Issues:




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