WVU+kc Dashboard FAQ


The dashboard in WVU+kc is comprised of four main sections: a menu bar, news feed, last activity and lists that automatically populate the research activity with which you are associated.

View the attached guides for more information about the dashboard.
If you log in and your dashboard is distorted, you need to clear your browser cache to see the newly designed dashboard. For instructions to clear your cache, view this article.
A three-lined hamburger button will display in place of a menu bar if your screen is too small to display the full menu bar. This is a resolution adjustment of the menu bar similar to menus for mobile applications. It has the same functionality as the full menu bar, so presentation is up to user preference.

To see the full menu bar, try maximizing your browser window so that it fills your entire monitor. If maximizing the window does not change the menu display, make the text on the screen smaller by pressing and holding the "Ctrl" key and then pushing the "-" key until the size adjusts to show the entire menu bar. To increase the text on the screen, press and hold the "Ctrl" key and push the "+" key.

The News Feed section of the WVU+kc dashboard will display any alerts that are requesting you to take an action.

There are three ways you can manage these alerts from the action section:

  1. You can mark the notification as read using the green check button. That will unbold the message but keep it in your News Feed.

  2. The trash can will delete the alert from your News Feed. If you accidentally delete the item, you will be able to undo the delete until the page refreshes and removes the item permanently from your News Feed.

  3. The blue arrow will take you directly to the document requiring your attention.

The new dashboard should alleviate the need to search for the research activity with which you are associated by protocol, proposal or award number. The lists section at the bottom of the dashboard is comprised of pre-populated searches that automatically display your research activity based on module and status. You can locate your activity and open them via the lists section. If you would like to manually search for a particular protocol, proposal or award, the search functions are still available and can be accessed via the menu bar at the top. Navigate to the type of document you would like to search for (e.g., proposal, award or IRB), hover over the menu item and select the search option from the drop-down menu.


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