How to Configure Settings to Receive Full Copies of Messages


By default, messages posted to a LISTSERV list may only provide the sender with a brief acknowledgment email indicating message distribution to the list. Some users prefer to see a full copy of their message, the same way subscribers receive them. The "Ack" option specifies whether a brief acknowledgment is to be sent to the poster of the message, and the "Repro" option specifies whether the message poster is to receive a full reproduction of their message.

Default settings for a list can be set so that as new users are added they will be configured to receive full copies of their posted messages. To make your list function this way, modify the configuration either through the List Management menu, or by manually editing the list header. It is also possible to specify that only specific users have this option, or set it for all pre-existing users who would not be changed by updating the list defaults. The information on this page addresses these aspects.

How to configure defaults for adding new subscribers:

  1. Log into LISTSERV.

  2. Click List ManagementList Configuration, and select List Configuration Wizard

  3. In the "Select List" area, choose the list to which you wish to make this change.

  4. Click the Distribution tab, and set "Ack=" to No.

  5. Click Submit.

  6. Click the Subscription tab, and type the following in the "Default-Options=" space: REPRO

    Note: If there is pre-existing text in that space, add a comma after the last item and then enter REPRO after the comma (Example: NoPost, REPRO).

  7. Click Submit. The list header information should include:
    Ack = No
    Default-Options = REPRO

As previously mentioned, it is possible to manually edit the list header to reflect the "ACK" and "Default-Options" entries directly by more advanced users.

How to set options for existing subscribers:

If the option to receive full copies of posted messages is only desired by some users, or if you wish to set this option for users who were added to the list in advance of the new subscriber default options being changed, the following actions can be taken:

  1. Click List ManagementList Reports, and select Subscriber Reports 

  2. In the "Report Columns" section, have Ack and Repro checked, and then click Update.

  3. Click to place checks next to the subscribers for whom you wish to make this change.

  4. Under the "Ack" column, select Off from the drop-down menu.

  5. Under the "Repro" column, select On from the drop-down menu.

  6. Click Submit.

  7. Visually confirm that the settings for the specified users are as desired.




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