Copying a Product


After you have created a product, you may copy it so that you can reuse the components, such as descriptions, options, and modifiers, for other products with similar components. For example, if you will be hosting numerous events with similar features, you can create the initial event and then avoid unnecessary work by copying it. You can then revise only the features that will change.


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  1. Create a product.

  2. In Store Settings, click Products.

  3. Click the Copy button.

  4. Click the drop down for Copy From Products Status? and choose the status of products you wish to copy, or accept the default, All Statuses.

  5. Click the drop down for Copy From Categories? and choose the categories of the products you wish to copy, or accept the default, All Categories.

  6. Check the box at the left of the row for the product(s) you wish to copy.

  7. Click Select Products.

  8. In Copy to Criteria

    1. Enter a stock number or click Assign Random Stock Number.

    2. Choose a shipping class.

    3. Optionally, change the name. (If you don't change the name, you will have two products with the same name.)

    4. Optionally, change the price, inventory amount, and web status.

    5. In the Copy Image field, choose Yes or No.

  9. Click Copy. A confirmation message will be displayed.



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