Adding Apps to Teams


Microsoft Teams offers many useful apps that can be added as tabs to a Team. Using these apps allows you to create shortcuts to documents or websites, create lists or wikis, add a planner/task list or a whiteboard, or use many third-party plugins. 

Note: ITS does not support third-party apps. Check the vendor's documentation for more information on how to use specific apps.  

Adding an App to a Team:

You can view all available apps with descriptions by clicking the ellipsis on the left, then clicking More Apps. Clicking on an app on this screen gives you a button option to add the app to a team, a chat or a meeting.

To add an app from within a Team:

  1. Open the Team channel you wish to add an app to. 
  2. Click + at the top. 
  3. Scroll or search for an app you wish to add, then click it to finish adding to your channel.
    Note: If you are adding a document, you have the option to name the tab and search within the channel for the document.

Apps may have different setup instructions, and some require paid licenses. Check vendor documentation for more details. 

Useful Apps for Teams:

Doing an Internet search for 'most popular Teams apps' will provide multiple articles from third-party sites and a lot of them say the same thing. Some of the most popular ones are Tasks (by Planner) (a Microsoft Project inspired planning/task app), Trello (a kanban project management solution), Wiki, Polly (a polling/survey tool), among many more. A full list of apps for Teams can be found on Microsoft's appsource website.   

For more information about using Teams, visit the Microsoft Teams category, or find Teams training on the Microsoft Office Training Center




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