Print with Mountaineer Card Print Groups


Employees with funding connected to their Mountaineer Cards can authenticate to select ITS-supported Konica Minolta copiers based on color print group stickers located on the printers. This easy to use printing solution allows employees to copy, scan and print to Konica Minolta printers by scanning their Mountaineer Card to release the job, eliminating the need for a copy code and finding and installing print drivers. Employees using this functionality must have funding connected to their Mountaineer Cards, have the correct color group printer driver installed (deployed automatically to the user's computer), and be connected to WVU's network. Requests to add funding to your Mountaineer Card for this service can be submitted to Printing Services.

Follow the instructions below to get started.


Follow these instructions to copy using Mountaineer Card authentication on devices with color group stickers: 

  1. Hold your Mountaineer Card over the authentication device until you hear the machine beep.
  2. On the menu screen, tap Copy or Scan
  3. Place your document in the document feeder/on the glass.
  4. Confirm the settings for the job. If scanning, choose a recipient email address to receive the scanned document.
  5. Press Start to complete the job. 


Follow these steps to print using Mountaineer Card authentication on devices with a color group sticker:

  1. Find the color print group sticker on the Konica Minolta printer you wish to use. You will choose this color group printer in the print menu later. 
  2. On your computer, print your document as usual to open the Print menu. 
  3. Choose the color group printer based on the sticker you found in step one (ex: Blue Print Group). 
  4. Click Print to print your document to that printer group. 
  5. Hold your Mountaineer Card over the authentication device at the printer until you hear the machine beep.

Issues Printing:

If you are having issues printing, contact the ITS Service Desk for assistance.


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