WVU Secure Wireless Network (WVU.Encrypted)


WVU.Encrypted should be preferred by WVU faculty, staff and students who will be using the wireless on a regular basis, since the encrypted network eliminates any concerns about wireless eavesdropping, and since on most clients you will reconnect automatically rather than having to re-enter your credentials for each wireless session.

The WVU.Encrypted network uses WPA/WPA2 and 802.1X (PEAP) for maximum data security. You will need a notebook or wireless device which supports WPA and AES to connect to the encrypted network, and you will have to preconfigure a wireless profile for the network before you can connect.

View our Wireless Connection 101 Articles for steps to connect to WVU.Encrypted by device and operating system. Please note that you will not be able to connect to WVU.Encrypted using Windows XP.

Temporary guest accounts are not valid on the Encrypted network in most cases; visiting guests, and users with wireless handhelds or other non-WPA-compatible devices, should connect to WVU.Guest instead.

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