Community Web Hosting ( FAQ


Thinking about setting up a web space? Review the FAQ for getting started.

WVU (Morgantown, PSC and WVU Tech) students, staff and faculty are eligible for web space on

Yes, but not on this web server. Digital Services offers space (50MB) on for student organizations and special University-recognized events and projects who need web space. You will need to fill out the site registration form to request a website in Slate. A website will be created after the form is approved.
As long as you have have an active Login account, you can use a SFTP software to connect to and upload your web content. For additional instructions, view the Get Started with Community Web Hosting article.

The web space provided to you is for the purpose of enhancing your academic development. You can not use any WVU resource for personal profit.

All pages must follow the IT Standards and Procedures. Any violation may be subject to access termination or legal preceding.

Already have a web space? Review the FAQ for using your web space.

Your URL (webpage address) will be in the form of For example, if your username was jmd000 your URL would be
The default file for your website must be named either index.html or index.htm. It must also be in all lower case. If you do not have either of those files, then when you go to the website without specifying a file name, you will receive a 404 error that the site can not be found, or a 403 error that you are forbidden to look at the website.

The WVU search engine ( will not index any pages on the server. However other search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc.) on the Internet will be able to "crawl" your site and index it.

Activer Server Pages (ASP), CGI Scripts, PHP and Server Side Includes (SSI) are not supported. There is no plan to support them in the future.
For faculty and staff, your web space will be active for about a day or two after you leave WVU. For students, your web space will be around for about 10 days after the end of the last semester you were active.


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