Office 365 Account Types


Office 365 email accounts are automatically created in some cases, and in others, they must be requested. The information on this page explains the various types of Office 365 accounts.

Regular Employee Accounts:

Most employees (WVU Morgantown campus, Potomac State College, WVU Institute of Technology and WVU Research Corporation) will have Office 365 accounts created and made available on their "start access date." Supervisors and departmental EBOs specify this date in MAP at the time of hiring.

If data for an employee was entered before the start access date and the employee has activated his or her WVU Login, an Office 365 account should be available for log in by 9 a.m. on the start access date. If it is not, the employee should submit a ticket to the ITS Service Desk for assistance.

Shared Mailbox Accounts:

Shared mailboxes are most often used for sending and receiving email related to a department's activities without involving any one individual's account. These mailboxes are usually accessible to multiple people, each of whom can read and send messages according to permissions granted to them. To request an account, visit the New Office 365 Shared Mailbox service page.

The information needed to complete the request is as follows: 

  1. A proposed name for the account. The name can contain no spaces, as it will become part of the account's email address. If you wish, also specify a display name, which would be a more readable form of the name. For example, the name might be "ouroffice" (indicating an email address of while the display name could be "Our Office."

  2. At least one Full Access Delegate for the account. This is, in effect, the person who owns the account. He or she can grant read access to the account for others and can request changes to the Full Access Delegate role. Generally, only those who need to be able to grant read access to others should be placed in the Full Access Delegate role. 

  3. Any "Send As" Delegates for the account. These are the people who can send messages out under the identity of the Shared Mailbox. Usually, any Full Access Delegate would also be granted Send As permission, but please state explicitly the names of those to be granted Send As permission. Full Access Delegates can request that Send As permission be granted or removed for others at any time by contacting the ITS Service Desk.

Meeting Room Accounts:

In some cases, a special kind of Office 365 account is used to schedule rooms for meetings. These rooms are not scheduled through 25Live

Meeting rooms are visible through the Office 365 Global Address List (GAL), and follow a naming convention in this format: RoomType_Building_RoomNumber_Capacity

The RoomType should reflect the room's purpose to aid those those looking to book a location for a meeting through the Office 365 calendar. For example a conference room would be named as followsConf_OneWaterfrontPlace_3115_18Seats

Meeting rooms can also be configured a number of ways depending on who oversees the location and how it can be booked. Booking Delegates can be designated to be able to assist in the management of the location and in resolving potential booking conflicts. 

Requests for meeting room accounts in Office 365 should come from those who oversee a physical room location. Please submit a ticket to the ITS Service Desk to request meeting room account creation. For more information on meeting rooms, please search our knowledge base.

Accounts for Student Employees (and some others):

Certain types of employees, notably student employees, are not routinely given Office 365 accounts. Supervisors can request student accounts, when necessary, by visiting the Office 365 Student Account Request service page.

You will be contacted when the account is ready. How long that takes depends greatly on the time of year. Please allow a few days. 

Accounts for people without an established WVU affiliation:

If someone such as a consultant, contractor, or fellow grant investigator is working with you and needs an Office 365 account, but has no current affiliation with WVU, then the person will need a WVU Login account as well as an email account. You can request both by submitting a Special Account Request Form:

  1. Go to the Login Account Request for Visitors, Guests, Consultants and Other Non-Employees service page.

  2. Click LOGIN Account Ticket.

  3. Supply the needed information. You should select at least WVU Active Directory and account among the resources needed in order to get an email account. You will also need to upload a memo from the Department Chair, Director or College Dean requesting the account with the justification for the request and access purpose.



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