Common SharePoint Problems


Below are common problems users experience in SharePoint and their troubleshooting steps. If you are unable to resolve your problem, submit a ticket to the Service Desk.

I'm receiving an error saying I do not have permission to access a site.

  • Confirm you are entering the correct site address.
  • Try placing wvu-ad\ before your username when logging in.
  • Contact the site owner to confirm you have appropriate permissions to access the area. SharePoint's "access denied" message includes a link that will generate an email message to the site's owners requesting access for you.
  • Anyone links (links for external users) expire 30 days after they are created. Contact the site owner to be sure you have the most recent link. 

The file I need to edit is already checked out.

If the message shown indicates a specific individual has the file checked out, please contact that individual. He or she may be actively using it, or may not have checked it back in when finished. 

I get an error when using the Import Spreadsheet app and am unable to import an Excel file.

If you receive an error message saying "The specified file is not a valid spreadsheet or contains no data to import," you may need to add SharePoint to your list of trusted sites.

I am unable to upload a file.

There are at least two possible explanations for this problem. First, you may not have permission to change the site. In that case, speak to the site's owner about expanding your privileges on the site or having someone with write privileges upload the file for you. The second possible explanation is that you are using a 64-bit browser. Try the same operation with the 32-bit version of the same browser on your computer.

I am unable to download a file,

The user is given a warning that a virus has been detected. Office 365 can help protect your environment by detecting viruses in files that users upload to SharePoint Online. Files will be scanned for viruses after they are uploaded. If a file is found to be infected, you will not be able download or sync the file.

View Microsoft's support page for more information.

I am unable to add an external user.

External sharing should be enabled by default. However, External Sharing in SharePoint Online must be enabled from the Admin Console before a site owner can add the email address of any external (including email address. The owner of the SharePoint site should be able to configure this for their site. Submit a ticket to the ITS Service Desk to have external sharing enabled if needed.



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