Needs Grading Page in eCampus

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The Needs Grading page in eCampus helps faculty to keep on top of any items in their course which need manual grading, such as written assignments or papers, test questions that cannot be graded by the system (like essay or complicated answers), or journal and message board posts.

  • In your faculty Course Management menu, select Grade Center to see the Needs Grading option.
  • Click on the Needs Grading menu item to view a list of items submitted by students that you need to grade.
  • Options at the top of the list allow you to filter or sort by the type of assignment, student, or submission date.
  • Click on any item in the list to grade it, or click a button to see all gradable items in succession (clicking next).

View a demo video explaining how to use the Needs Grading page, or visit Blackboard's site to learn more about the Needs Grading Page.


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