Office 365 App Installation and Sign In Errors on Personal Device


When installing Office 365 from the Portal onto a personal Windows computer, you will receive a message that reads "Stay signed in to all apps," indicating that Windows will remember the user account and automatically sign in to the apps. The "Let my organization manage my device" checkbox is checked by default, and will enroll your device in Intune. 

Adjust device management settings:

If you do not want WVU to have management capabilities on your personal devices, uncheck the box next to "Let my organization manage my device" and click No, sign in to this app only.

Note: If you did not notice this during installation, and at a later time want to remove their personal devices from WVU management, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings, click Accounts, and then click Access work or school.
  2. In the bottom right corner, click Disconnect.
  3. Sign in again to any Office 365 app using your WVU email.
  4. Ensure that allow my organization to manage my device is not selected.
  5. Click the check box for this app only.
  6. If you receive this message when signing into other apps, repeat steps 3-5. 

"Something went wrong" error message:

When installing or signing into an Office 365 app on a personal device, you may receive an error message that says "Something went wrong. Your account was not set up on this device because device management could not be enabled. This device might not be able to access some resources, such as Wi-Fi, VPN, or email."

Enrollment in WVU Mobile Device Management is disabled for personal devices, and the previous error shows when users select Allow my organization to manage my device upon signing in an Office 365 app or resource.

The error message indicates enrollment in WVU device management was not successful and WVU cannot managing settings on user’s personal devices. Clicking Done on the error message window should still allow you to sign into your Office 365 app and use all Office 365 apps and resources.



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