TeamDynamix is a system for requesting help, and for storing articles, instructions, FAQs and other useful information in a searchable, self-service knowledge base. This system is also used to support workflows, track projects and support a variety of services in many departments across WVU and its campuses.

Licenses purchased by your group are transferable. You can transfer a license from one user to another using the TeamDynamix Application Request service.

Licensing restrictions:

There are three types of TeamDynamix licences available: 

  • Enterprise: These licenses are used for Directors, Assistant Directors or supervisors who need to report on resource management (time and entry) and/or projects. 
  • Technician: These licenses are used for any full time technician. This license level allows reporting on all tickets and tasks within the ticketing areas they have access to.
  • Student technician: These licenses are used for student workers and graduate assistants.


Any WVU affiliates authorized to purchase and commit to the licensing contract may use this service.

How to order:

WVU Funds: Use the SLIC Software Request service to purchase a TeamDynamix license. You will receive a quote after submitting a ticket.

Personal Funds: TeamDynamix licenses cannot be purchased with personal funds. 

OS Compatibility:

View TeamDynamix's Supported Browser and OS Combinations article for computer, phone and device compatibility details. 


  Enterprise     Technician     Student Technician 
Year 1  
  $540.76   $284.28   $256.90
Year 2
  $556.98   $292.81   $264.61
Year 3
  $573.69   $301.59   $272.55

Costs are prorated based on TeamDynamix licensing contract.  


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