Faculty and staff who want to find, encrypt, redact and digitally shred sensitive data on personally owned computers now have free access to Spirion, a data security tool that can help prevent identity theft and data breaches. Spirion looks for all files containing Social Security numbers, birthdates and passwords, and makes a list for you to review.  

Note: Spirion is intended for use on personally owned computers and not to be installed on university owned equipment.


To install and start using Spirion, follow the directions below:

  1. Make sure your personal Mac (Mac OSX 10.13 or newer) or Windows OS (Windows 10 or newer) is compatible.
  2. Download the Spirion zip folder for Mac or Windows
  3. Locate the downloaded Zip folder and open Activation Code.txt file to locate start code.
    • Record or copy the activation code, it will be needed later.
  4. In the Zip folder launch the SpirionSetup file, follow the installation prompts.
  5. Enter start code in Spirion startup window.
  6. Read the install guide and complete the registration.
  7. Start Spirion.

Note: Health Sciences Center employees can download Spirion for Mac and Windows through HSC.


WVU does not receive any data from either Spirion or your personal computer. Use of the tool is voluntary, but ITS recommends it to help ensure that sensitive University data isn’t inadvertently stored on your personal machine when you are working remotely. 

Spirion is provided only for WVU employees. Users may download files through Sharepoint and Yearly renewals will also be accessible through Sharepoint. Additional information and technical support can be found on the Spirion website





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