Connect to a Wireless Network in the Residence Halls


WVU has two wireless networks available in the residence halls - WVU.Encrypted and WVU.Play. Use the steps below to learn how to connect your devices to the wireless networks.

What do I need to connect to the wireless networks?

An activated Login account is required to use WVU's wireless networks. If you have not activated your Login account, go to and click Claim Account.

How do I connect my PC, Mac, or mobile device?

Find your device under Wireless Connection 101 and follow the steps to connect your computer or mobile device to the WVU.Encrypted network.

Note: *Residents of College Park only* If your computer is connected to the wired Ethernet network, disconnect it before trying to connect your device using the wireless connection. If you do not disconnect your computer from the wired network, the computer may choose to use the wired network instead of the wireless network, and the steps will not work as expected. If the steps do not work as expected, simply re‐connect the Ethernet cable to your computer to regain your network connection.

How do I connect other wireless devices?

The WVU.Play wireless network is designed for devices that are not capable of authenticating to the network using a username and password. Examples of these devices include Smart TVs, AppleTV, Roku, and gaming systems. View the WVU.Play ( article for steps to connect your device. 

Can't connect?

If you are not seeing any wireless networks, make sure your wireless adapter is enabled. For issues with connecting your device, try the solutions offered in the Residence halls and Gaming: PlayStations, Xbox, Hubs, Routers, Comcast and Smart TVs article.

If you cannot connect to the wireless network, please submit a ticket. Morgantown campus students can also stop by an ITS Service Center.

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