Connect to a Wired Network in the Residence Halls


View the Internet Availability for WVU Residence Halls and Apartments article to see which locations support wired internet, and who to contact for internet support. If your location does not support a wired connection, connect to the wireless WVU.Encrypted network.

What do I need to connect to the wired networks?

An activated Login account is required to use WVU's wireless networks. If you have not activated your Login account, go to and click Claim Account.

How do I connect using a wired ethernet connection?

  1. Find the Ethernet MAC Address of the device you are trying to register. View the Find the MAC Address for a Device article if you need assistance finding the address. 

  2. Log into to and select to add a device. Enter a Device Name (with no special characters) and the Ethernet MAC Address for the Device ID. View the WVU.Play ( article if you need assistance adding your device. 

  3. Identify the active network jack in your room. Plug your ethernet cable into the active network jack and into the ethernet port on your device.

    • College Park: The active network jack typically has a red “Internet” label and is the rightmost jack.

    • Other residence halls: Each room has a wireless access point on one wall near the ceiling, with three active network connections. These are usually labeled Cisco and are the only active internet connections in the room. Gaming devices must be directly plugged into one of the ethernet ports, without using personal switches, routers or access points. Ports labeled LAN3, LAN2 and POE-LAN1 will be available; the port labeled Pass-Thru cannot be used. None of the ports provide power.

If you have issues registering or connecting your device, try these troubleshooting steps:

  • View the Troubleshooting Devices in Residence Halls (Gaming, Smart TVs, Routers, Etc.) article for device connection issues. 

  • Ensure you're using an ethernet cable and not a telephone cable. A telephone cable is typically flat, whereas an ethernet cable is round. You may purchase an ethernet cable at the WVU Bookstore, as well as most office supply and retail stores. 

  • Try plugging the ethernet cable into another jack in the network outlet.

  • If possible, borrow your roommate’s ethernet cable. If your roommate’s cable works, your ethernet cable is probably damaged.

Router information for College Park:

  • To connect multiple computers, you will need to purchase a router. You may purchase a router at most office supply and retail stores. We recommend purchasing a router without wireless capabilities.

  • If your router is a wireless router, you must disable its wireless capability because it interferes with the University’s wireless network. Important: Plug one end of your ethernet patch cable into the rightmost jack of the network outlet and the other end into the WAN port on the router. If you plug it into the wrong port on the router, your connection may not work, and you can bring down the network for the entire residence hall.

  • Connect your computer to the router, and then register the router. Note that the MAC Address that the page displays is the router's address, not your computer's address. Once the router is registered, you may connect other computers or game consoles to the router for Internet access.

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